Saturday, March 12, 2011

Then Something Sprouted...

One year ago today, A Seed Was Planted... and with it, this blog was born. March 12th is my blog-iversary!

I can vaguely remember the day, a Friday night, when I wrote that first post. It was the end of another long week, I was battling for my career life at school and well-aware that I was feeling sicker and sicker by the day. The more I listened to my new audiobook (Eating Animals) and remembering all those books that I had read before it, I knew I wasn't helping matters with what I was eating. My life has dramatically changed since that day, and the epiphanies I had in the first weeks of writing this blog count for a large part of that shift.

At the time I was writing straight out into the big wide-empty. I wasn't sure anyone would ever see my blog, read my words or share my sentiments, but it seems that seed that was planted that day has grown into a seedling of its own. I am a better and healthier person because of Searching for Sustenance and am forever grateful for having this little space in the blog-iverse to continue to grow. For those who have joined this search with me I am forever grateful for the support and the company!

In a search just now to find a nice picture of a seedling to add to this post, I found a beautiful poem that, in many ways, expresses how I feel about this blog as it grows in my mind everyday. It is called The Seedling and it is written by John McGrael. I simply love it.

The Seedling

A Poem by John McGrael

One night while I was dreaming,
A tree grew in my mind.
Though little but a seedling,
I took refuge in its pines.

On the morrow, cold and dreary, whilst walking through my thoughts,
My eyes stuck on a seedling, so I walked towards its lot.
Then my thoughts were thinking, "how strange, this could not be...
For I am in a city, yet this seedling grows on green!"
But O, I looked around me. I looked upon an open field!
Its as if my thoughts were running, through a mystery revealed.
I found my sanctuary, in the field my mind had found.
I took refuge in it's flowers, and the seedling's soothing sound.
I would visit this place often, the depths of thought and seed.
My thoughts had learned to think, and in those thoughts was peace.

That evening walking home, through the city, from the dreaming;
I felt like I was leaving from; my home, the field, the seedling.
I felt as if this city bound me, that I may never soar.
When a raven perched upon a bush, whispered to me, "nevermore".


That night I was the dreamer,
The tree grew more and more.
Its leaves forever greener,
Echo "nevermore".

Again whilst I was dreaming, I walked into the field,
The seedling now a gentle tree, a mystery revealed.
I slept upon its branches, and ate its fruit with ease.
I marveled in its aura, I listened to its leaves;
And then I knew the mystery, that had been revealed.
For it was in the leaves, and it was in the field.
As long as I was with them, I was as carefree as the breeze.
Nourished by their scent, I could live among the trees.

Now conscious, walking through the city, I took asylum in the thoughts.
I could not stay within this city, I needn't live for naught.
So in my mind, I left the city, went to the field where I could soar.
For now I understood, the city bound me nevermore;
And when I made this realization, the tree grew towards the sky.
Now a mighty fortress, and a beauty to the eye.

So now I walk the city, with conscious thought and word.
From my mighty fortress, leaves echoing the bird.
And in this sweet asylum, in this sacred lore;
There is a sweet raven, whisp'ring "nevermore"!

© 2009 John McGrael

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