About This Blog

Searching for Sustenance is a blog that I created when I realized that I was eating without thinking. I wasn’t thinking about things like
  • Where is this food coming from?
  • Where is my money going?
  • Why is this food so cheap?
  • Is this good for me?
  • Why are people going hungry in the world?
  • What do these labels mean?

...the list goes on. The more I learn, the more I realize that the topic of food is a truly serious one, that we need to consider. It is a huge topic, each day, I take a stab at it and see what comes up -
  • a recipe,
  • a new food find,
  • a great food ally (a chef, an activist, a farmer, a politician, a columnist, a celebrity, a fellow blogger...you never know),
  • a must-read, must-see or a must-hear piece of media,
  • a new food  website,
  • food news and laws,
  • a call to action (petition, letter writing, etc.),
  • translations of new labeling or packaging practices,
  • a food challenge (ie. meatless Mondays for Vegan Month), or
  • a review of a potentially relevant product.

This blog is loaded with information and my opinions, all it is missing right now is yours. So join the discussion - submit a comment, a question or opinion (all are welcome)! Let’s share our love and appreciation for food together.

Happy Eating!

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