Monday, March 14, 2011

March Moves Monday Run Down #2 (from The Hummingbird Project)

After a fantastic first week in my Hummingbird Project, I simply knew that week two couldn't possibly reach or exceed the high expectations, however, I at least tried to maintain some stance of consistency in my efforts. I continued to work at projects that I began in the first week of "Do Something Month" while only adding one new feature to the list for now.

Things This Hummingbird is Still Working On:
  • Composting My kitchen scraps bin in filled and I keep on jamming it. I have not yet made a decision on my outdoor composting yet - pile? bin? digging a hole? I don't know, but I really must make a decision soon!! I have not heard back yet from my composting workshop man, so a follow-up e-mail is due.
  • My ASAP Pledge (see last week's post to learn about the ASAP post) I have continued to shut my computer down every single time I walk away from it ever since taking the pledge. In addition, due to this fact, I realized this morning I can actually use the light switch in my office again without fear of shutting the computer down in the middle of some important post!
New Move in the New Week: 
I tried contacting every person who wrote a comment on one of the Hummingbird Posts discussing their great inspiration for things they wanted to do for the month of March either through e-mail or on their own blog (if they had one) to invite them to write a guest post about their own actions. I am really excited about this because I think there are SO MANY awesome ideas out there that we can all get some inspiration from! Interest is growing by the day, so stay tuned for some fun and diverse content coming your way.  

How did your second week of DO Something Month go?
Remember this is a MONTH LONG challenge, so join in ANY time!
What's something YOU DO that we can replicate in order to make great changes from small moves?
*If you think you might be interested in writing a guest post about this, please feel free to e-mail me at

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