Monday, March 21, 2011

March Moves Monday Run Down #3 (from The Hummingbird Project)

The third week of Do Something week seemed as though it might not be as productive as I had hoped. My health was not on its best behavior, but the moment that it decided to come back to me - I pounced!

I played in the dirt! 

After spending Saturday night running in and out of my house trying to catch a glimpse of the Supermoon we were promised, I awoke on Sunday ready to get into my garden! Here's what got done:
  • The Dirt Emerged When I went outside I found my "garden" was covered in all types of death. Dead weeds, some debris from all of the wind as of late and a pot with a dead blueberry bush in it. I grabbed a rake and freed the dirt! It was beautiful! The soil is so dark and looks AWESOME. I have not yet explored the soil testing process, but I will be shocked if there is anything wrong with this stuff. It smelled wonderful.
  • The Compost Bin is Erected After seeing all my hard work, my husband treated me to my very own compost bin. The details of the entire event and first filling of the bin is laid out in the post My Composting Adventure Begins! Long story short: I am a full-fledged composter now!

Visit the official Earth Hour Website
 Each year we are called to unplug for one hour on March 26th. It is the one big DO SOMETHING of March that is pretty simple to do and, as physically dark as it may seem, enlightening. We will definitely revisit this idea later this week, but I wanted to remind you today so you could start making plans for your weekend.

How did your third week of DO Something Month go?

What would you like to do during this year's Earth Hour?
Remember that the Hummingbird Project is a  MONTH LONG challenge, so join in ANY time!
What's something YOU DO that we can replicate in order to make great changes from small moves?

*If you think you might be interested in writing a guest post about this (or even Earth Hour), please feel free to e-mail me at

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