Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to Help Tornado Survivors

I can't even begin to imagine.

Homeless, lucky to be alive, but incapable of knowing what steps to take in order to continue to live. You're not alone - your neighbors are in the same boat, if they are lucky and while there are promises of government aid you've got to wonder - What does that really mean for me and my family?

I saw one girl on the news tonight covered in mud, hair strewn all over who said, "I don't mean to sound materialistic or anything, but... I mean... we lost everything." She broke my heart - so apologetic in her feeling of loss, as if she should be somehow thankful for her current situation. Her loss is so far beyond that of a materialistic loss - it is loss of home, security and trust in nature. She will grow stronger from this loss, but right now that girl and all those who have survived to see the devastation and live with it, need our help. 

What Can We Do?

If you sat down to dinner with your family tonight on a chair, with a roof over your head and have a bed awaiting your resting head at the end of this day, then perhaps you may want to consider donating, or if you or close enough, lending a hand to one of the following organizations.

  • The Alabama Food Bank to help bring food to the many families that will be searching for it. You can donate food or money to any number of areas in Alabama.
  • Feeding America is the organization that runs food banks all over the United States. While Alabama was the hardest hit, a number of states were affected (see this Wikipedia article for the details of where the tornadoes hit and what kinds of damage have been reported in those areas).
  • Salvation Army is working throughout the region to help. So far they have "mobilized 10 feeding units and a communications unit.  Another 22 mobile feeding units including catering trucks, mobile kitchens, and a 20,000 meal per day full service field kitchen have been placed on standby.  Units are providing food, beverage, and spiritual support to storm victims."
  • For other options, including where you can donate bottled water or volunteer your services and time, check out this article by Wade Kwon at
  • [Update: GOOD magazine has released its own article with links directing you to find places to help!]
Finally, spread the word. Tomorrow will be a big global news day with the Royal nuptials on the minds and appointment calendars of so many. It is easy to see how those who are suffering may get second billing when they need our attention most.  Let's not forget Prince William's years of charity work and honor him and his new wife on their wedding day by spreading the good will so dear to their hearts.

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