Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Food Safety and Corporate Interference

If there is anything that drives me nuts it is when finances take front stage where they don't belong. I just signed a petition concerning our food safety and how food rgulation in the United States is being largely hindered by corporate influence.


Along with the form letter there was an option section to add in my own two cents. As I was limited to 700 characters (spaces included), I got a little creative with my editting, here's what I wrote:

Food & finances don’t mix. The former determines humanity’s survival while the latter is a man-made abstraction created to place value on things, services & time. NOTHING is more valuable than food. In a capitalist society, this reality is overshadowed by the “power” of $. The FDA & USDA are 2 organizations that should be freed of this conundrum. Those who regulate & determine the safety of what we eat, feed to our children & share w/ our families, shouldn’t be constrained by ANY institution. If we are to entrust the safety of our sustenance to any regulatory organization they should be unbiased, unfettered & given the appropriate resources to ensure that our people, not prices, are safe.
I hope that makes as much sense as it did before my brutal edit. Either way, I am writing this post today to bring this petition to your attention. We all need to sign this. We all need to add our two cents. The FDA and the USDA should not be hindered by any outside influnces.

To take part in the petition, click on the widget below, or if that does not work (it requires JAVA), please follow the link below it.

The link:

Please check out the petition, read the letter and share th petition with other action takers!

What are your feelings about corporate interference/influence over the FDA and/or USDA?
Is there some place that corporations belong in this regulation process that I am overlooking?

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