Friday, March 11, 2011

It Can Just Get Washed Away...

Do you appreciate your food?

How much of last night's meal ended up in the trash? What about this morning's breakfast?

Do you know where your next meal is coming from? What about next week's?

We have the luxury of talking about about food choice right now, but as I watch the tsunami in Northern Japan I am reminded: it can all just be washed away.

If you have not yet seen the footage, here is one station's coverage of the farmland being swallowed by the deluge.

What if that is your food? What if that is your land?

Where does their next meal come from?

I am sure global efforts are mobilizing to ensure these people will get their sustenance, but "food choice" is a factor that has no priority in this context.

For those of us that remain unaffected and unscathed by natural disaster at this hour, let us take this moment to truly appreciate our food, our choice and, of course, our safety.

Thoughts, prayers and well wishes to all that have been affected by natural disaster this season.

(This post has long been on my mind with all that has been happening in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, local flooding here in the US and, now the tsunami and earthquake in Japan and throughout the Pacific.)

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