Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tasteful Selections Potatoes Crushed with Basil

I was recently sent a sample of Tasteful Selections Potatoes to try out with my husband. It was a 28 oz. bag of "2 bite" mixed potatoes. I kept the bag in the refrigerator until I was ready to use them and they kept fine.

The Website

Before getting down to the business of preparation, I decided to check out what the website had to offer in terms of "best practices", tips or recipes for their potatoes. The first thing I found was that there were actually nine different varieties of potato packages I could have received!  (I found that pretty impressive.) Then I worked my way over to the recipe page. To be honest, this is what took me so long to prepare them, each night I would look at the recipes and, feeling that I had only one bag to play with, I couldn't decide which recipe I wanted to try. I decided to let my husband in on it and ask him which he would like to try, together we settled on the Crushed Potatoes With Basil recipe.

 Working with the Potatoes

When I finally took them out of the bag I was immediately impressed by the beautiful colors and variety found within. And, yet, while there was variety in color there was a nice uniformity in the size of the potatoes. I was also impressed by what good shape the potatoes were in (I am in constant fear of the one bad potato ruining an entire bag by smell alone!).
I LOVE the purple potatoes - how pretty both inside and out!
While the potatoes roasted in the oven, I worked on the very simple seasoning that instantly smelled delicious. After the 30 minutes in the oven (as the recipe directed), however, not all the potatoes were tender. In total, it probably took closer to 40 or 45 minutes to reach the appropriate "doneness." I then crushed each potato with my fork and added them to the bowl with the seasoning in it.
The Final Verdict

The potatoes were, as the package had guaranteed before I even opened it: AMAZING! The recipe was simple enough to prepare with ingredients I had around the house. The package of potatoes was just enough to enjoy (and go for seconds!) for my husband and I. I am hoping to find Tasteful Selection in my Stop N Shop soon!

Have you tried Tasteful Selections Potatoes yet? If so, what did YOU think?

Note: After checking out the Tasteful Selections Website, you might also want to check in on their Facebook page

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