Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday's Food Finds

All week I am all over the Internet blogging about food, commenting about food, reading about food and finding tons and tons of stuff! I simply can NOT dedicate a single post to each individual find, so here's what I am going to do: I am going to give you a CliffNotes version of some foodie finds that I think you might all be interested in, so you have stuff to read and tinker with over the weekend! Here it goes:

Food Web Sites and Tools
  • Unveiled this week, has been called the Facebook for food. I have only just started tinkering with it, but so far I like what I see. It is a recipe search engine where you type in an ingredient and it spits back recipes in an order that takes into account the seasonability of the ingredients and the likes of your facebook friends.
  • A collection of recipes from all over the Internet selected for their beautiful, mouth-watering gawk-worthy photos. Just check it out, you'll see what I mean.
  • BonJour Mezzaluna and Curved Cutting Board set I have had my mind set on picking up a mezzaluna for myself, so when I saw this set in this month's issue of Clean Eating magazine, I was instantly sold. The cutting board is curved and the handle is magnetic for easy storage of the two pieces together.
BonJour Mezzaluna and Beechwood Herb Cutting Board Set with Magnetic Storage

Food Reads
Good Food (Recipes)
  •  Lemon Dijon Wings Since I am fairly certain will be having my husband's favorite hot wings this Sunday for the Big Game, I decided I wanted to do something different with the extra batch of wings I had hanging around this week. I found this recipe on and it was DELICIOUS. I baked the wings instead of grilling them (since there is still about of foot of snow and ice outside) and they came out super yummy. I also decided pretty last minute I was going to make them, so I did not marinate overnight, just about an hour or so (I can't WAIT to taste them with even more marinating time!).
  • Crispy Roasted Chickpeas Perhaps this one isn't new to you, but when I first stumbled across this one, I nearly jumped out of my chair! I need to try this. I have a couple of different spices I would like to try it with, so when I go grocery shopping this weekend, you can bet I will be picking up some chickpeas! Thank you, Steamy Kitchen!
  • GE Alfalfa There really is only one topic on my mind this week and it is genetically engineered alfalfa. Please take a moment to use this tool from the Food & Water Watch to write to President Obama to let him know that regulation of genetically engineered foods is NOT one of the places where he should be worrying about government over regulation! 
Do you have a food website, tool, food read, recipe or food action you think I should check out and share with the readers of Searching for Sustenance? If so e-mail me at!

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