Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've Got The Produce... Now WHAT?!

If you read my last post on Urban Organic, you know I just got a box of goodies - fruits and veggies! So, of course, now I have some questions...

What SUPER COOL THINGS should I be doing with my new fruits and veggies?

Kiwis. I can count on my hands the number of times I have had them. I pretty much have just eaten them straight out. Am I missing out on some very cool thing to do with kiwis??

Same with pears - I LOVE THEM, but I eat them the way they are. I have seen lots of recipes where people cook them. Should I be doing this??

I have lots of things to do with broccoli, but what is your favorite?

 Kale. I don't know what to do with it. in fact, one of my first tasks after writing today was to investigate the wonderful world of Kale. I'm not even sure I have ever had it. I think I must have, but not knowingly so, and, therefore, I am unfamiliar with it's taste.

I am looking for all types of Kale suggestions. Of course, you know I will be referring to my Jack Bishop cookbook in minutes, but if you have a favorite, I am all ears!!

My husband loves spinach. I wish I had my camera in hand when he recognized it last night. Actually, a video would have been more appropriate. Anyway, we typically do the wilted spinach with garlic, oil and red pepper flakes (oh... dear... mouth watering...), or a salad, or as a garlic-spinach-chicken dish, but that's where our experiments end. Do you have anything new for us to try?
Anything else in there you see and have a great idea about? Zucchini? Yellow onions? Russet potatoes? Red delicious apples? Grapefruit? Carrots? Lemons? Hamlon oranges? Bananas? Green leaf lettuce?

Any advice is welcome!

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