Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Case Against Frankenfish

For years I have consumed genetically engineered foods. I was a victim of my own ignorance as I ate soy and corn filled foods that were created from the fruits of Monsanto's technological miracles. I didn't realize what was going on when I heard the news about the scientists hard at work on the crops. I thought they were doing good, I thought they were helping out the farmers... and in a way, for awhile, I guess they were. I believed they could help advance the earth with the wonder of technology.

I had forgotten one very clear lesson my father had taught me about the ocean. We were at the beach, running in and out of the waves, my father was a fierce and fearless swimmer while my mother was always terrified - I never understood it. I must have said something about it being silly to be afraid, or I must have done something reckless, I honestly don't remember what triggered it, but my father got very serious with me right away. When this man's smile went away it was analogous to the sun being ripped out of the sky. He stopped me and made me look out at the water, "Nicole, it is beautiful, it is fun, but it is powerful. You see those waves?" I nodded quietly, there was no place for my words here. "They'll take you down and take you out to sea. And they can do that to me too. It doesn't matter how big or how strong you are, nature is stronger. We should love it and enjoy it, always, but always, always respect it." His smile returned, we continued to play, but I understood. I have maintained my awe of nature since that day, especially when it comes to the ocean.

So when I was faced with technology versus nature I still maintained my awe, but thought to myself, "Daddy died before he saw how powerful we really could become with technology. Maybe he was wrong..." After a number of years of deep thought on the topic I am beginning to think, maybe, in fact, he was not. As more and more farmers have the issue of Monsanto crops on their field even though they didn't plant it, as Monsanto has to create newer and newer technologies to keep up with the new mutations of the crop it has created, I can't help but think that in this fight too nature is stronger. Perhaps it is not our place to amend life around us.

It is with this thinking that I continue to fight against the newest scientific feat against nature: Genetically Engineered Salmon, or "FrankenFish". In the United States, the company AquaBounty is currently attempting to get its GE salmon approved. Check out this picture below from an Associated Press article on this issue of AquaBounty's new creation:
AquaBounty salmon (back) versus an Atlantic salmon of the same age.
Is bigger always better? What if I told you that this fish was still not proven to be safe for human consumption? What if I told you the FDA has no intention to regulate this fish as food, but instead as a veterinary drug? What if I told you that the ultimate plan is to approve this fish and not label it? Are you OK with that? Would I need to tell you more? Well what about the issue of putting a patent on life? We saw Monsanto do it, we have seen the horrors - both environmental and economic - what could happen with AquaBounty's 14 year patent on fish? I'll tell you one thing: nothing much will happen if this fish was not  approved!

My current resurgence of rage against the fish came from another e-mail from Food & Water Watch that somehow this fight still rages on. If you are interested in more information about the GE Salmon fight from Food & Water Watch, check this link out which has all of their blog entries concerning the topic.  Here's a quick recap in an entertaining video:

So now you are ready to TAKE ACTION (I hope!!).
  • Step 1: Drop a little note to President Barack Obama about your concerns. Here is what I added in the personal note section, although, you can just send the form letter provided by Food & Water Watch if you are in a rush.
President Obama,

I beg of you to reject AquaBounty's GE salmon. This is a difficult issue to see the true future of. I feel that we are only now beginning to discover the maledictions of the GE soy and corn we have exposed ourselves and our families to over the years. Can we not take these lessons learned and apply them when it counts?

I am also concerned about the monopolization of our food industry and wonder what the ramifications of a 14 year patent on GE salmon owned by AquaBounty will be in that business. Our country strives on healthy competition - I, personally, don't think genetic engineering our food and the patenting of LIFE has helped us reach that end.

With all due respect to the extreme number of requests you must receive in a day and the issues you must balance and weigh in upon, I thank you for your time and attention to this extremely important matter.


Nicole Rivera
  • Step 2: You can drop a little note about all genetically engineered animals not coming to your dinner to your local government using this link.

The time is now, because the clock is ticking and if we sit idly by then we are letting it happen. Call this another TAKE ACTION TUESDAY if you have to, but take some action!!!

"If there is something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action."
~Abraham Lincoln  

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