Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What The FRACK?!

image from the Green Cupboards Fracking Debate
Sometimes when I open my e-mail I get really disappointed.

Today was one such day, because today I saw an e-mail entitled "Obama's Plan to Frack."

I was hoping beyond hope that I read it wrong, or that it was some twisted play on words, but it was not. The subject line summarized the sadness within the e-mail itself, President Obama is planning to use fracking as a technique to unearth the natural gases his energy plan calls for.

What is Fracking and What's the Big Deal?

It is quite possible you have been hearing/reading this term "fracking" a lot lately, but, perhaps are still not really sure what it means. While I have read lots and lots of definitions for hydraulic fracturing (that's what "fracking" is short for), I think this video by Food & Water Watch does an excellent job of showing us what fracking is and why it is so risky.

Needless to say, this is a big deal. Our land, the cleanliness of our water and our water resources are all at risk.

In this country we are extremely lucky to have the clean water we do. I fear that too many people take that for granted and do not fully grasp the horrors of a tainted water system. The types of things that can result from fracking can not be solved with a Brita filter!

What Can We Do?

As the video explained, you can let your representatives know that you wish to have fracking banned. To raise the bar a little bit higher, why not let the President know? That, in fact, was the purpose of the e-mail sent to me today - not to e-mail the president, or sign a petition, but, in fact, give him a call TODAY. Food & Water Watch has declared today a National Day of Action.

I know you're busy, but you stopped to read this, so stop to make a phone call, please.
"Join Thousands: Make a Call Today to End Fracking!
President Obama needs to put an end to fracking and put clean water ahead of dirty energy and put an end to fracking.

Call the White House comment line


and tell them that President Obama must protect all Americans by banning fracking in the United States."
 from Food & Water Watch

Thank you.

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