Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Food Finds

Food Web Sites and Tools
  • Local Harvest While I know I have written about this amazing site before, I have never featured it in a Friday Food Find which it totally deserves. Local Harvest is the site I go to find local farmers markets, coops, CSAs an online vendors as well. I guess it is because it is Farmers Market season over here that I've got Local Harvest on the mind. I want everyone to have the same yummy experiences I am having here in New York!
Food Reads
  • Sustainable or Organic ~ Which is Healthier? This is an interesting blog post from a sustainable farmer discussing the differences between these two techniques of farming. I love to read everyone's opinions on these two and their experiences with both.
  • **Antibiotics: Are They Overused in My Food? A great question and an equally great post about an issue we should all be aware of. Read this. Take action.
  • **10 Reasons to Retweet for Clean Water Here in the States we're getting ready for the unofficial start to summer fun this Memorial Day Weekend with many opening up their pools and planning other fantastic water adventures to keep cool. However, there are so many that do not have the luxury of clean water for fun or even for their own survival - take a moment to read Meg's post to find out what's going on and how easy it is to help! 
Good Food (Recipes)
  • Homemade Powdered Sugar This is another great post from the Damsel for a quickie (no... REALLY quick) and easy technique for making powdered sugar in a pinch.
  • 10 Cook Out Hits for Memorial Day Leave it to the Huffington Post to give us 10 recipes for the price of one! Who can pass up an article like this. They look delicious, I'll have to run through the list with the hubby to which ones we'll check out first. Let me know how your selections go!
**This week our food fights are embedded in our food reads! Check out the actions you can take to get the word out to the FDA about Antibiotics in our food and how you can tweet to the world about clean water in those important reads!
Do you have a food website, tool, food read, recipe or food fight you think I should check out and share with the readers of Searching for Sustenance? If so e-mail me at!

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