Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jamie's Back for Another FOOD REVOLUTION

Last year, Jamie Oliver's Emmy award winning Food Revolution show in West Virginia was my appointment television every single Friday night. I am ecstatic to say that the Revolution has return to the States and the show begins TONIGHT!

If you missed last season, the media buzz, and the Emmy's and you are wondering what's going on with Jamie Oliver here in the USA, I think his TED talk best encompasses his passion and mission in his revolution.

This season Jamie is bringing his revolution to Los Angeles, California. It is on ABC on 8pm eastern (but I am sure if you miss it it will be somewhere on the Internet). I am so excited to watch the show, I also think the switch from Fridays to Tuesdays will make it easier for more people to watch!

While you wait for the first episode to begin, you can start to get involved in this revolution in a number of ways:
I'd love to hear what you all have to say about the show, the food revolution or just school food, in general!!

Happy watching tonight!

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