Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Day of Action

The Rally for the Right to Know
For those of you that follow Searching for Sustenance's Facebook Page, you know that today was the Rally for the Right to Know all over the US. While the event in Washington DC is still going on (it is running from 11am to 3pm), the New York City rally at City Hall had a shorter event time from 12pm to 1pm.

I am ashamed to say, I missed it. I had to rely on mass transit since my husband was working, and when I realized it was nearly 11:30am and I was still standing on a bus stop in Staten Island with no signs of my stupid bus that would then take about an hour to get me where I was going, I admitted defeat. I now have a $20 MetroCard burning a hole in my pocket and a raging headache from spending my time reading about homesteading and composting in the Barnes & Noble next to the bus stop (I am NOT supposed to read regular books because this is, inevitably, what happens!). I am looking forward to hearing, seeing and reading about what went on at City Hall and all around the US. I do hope there were large turnouts everywhere.

Here are some things you can do about GMOs and Monsanto so you can still be a part of this action:
Earth Hour Beckons...

After I complete my virtual actions, I am going to redirect my disappointment in myself into some productive energy trying to figure out what to do tonight for Earth Hour 2011. I have always loved the idea of Earth Hour and have long thought it would be something to do once a month, instead of just once a year, however, like everything else in my muddled mind, it often gets forgotten until the Earth Hour season springs up again.

This year, however, the Earth Hour cause seems even more relevant to me not only on a compassionate note, but now on a financial one as well. The amount of electricity being used in my home, month for month has been greater this year than it was last year. I have been checking my bills closely and noting it. Sadly, this falls on one pair of shoulders: mine. The only difference between this year and last year is the fact that I am now home from work on medical leave.

I had an electrical epiphany when I took my ASAP Pledge for the Baglady in week one of the Hummingbird Project - I was not turning off my computer EVER. Beyond that, the television is on more during the day, I think I have more "wall warts" than ever and, of course, I put lights on from time to time!

Here are some of the things I am thinking about doing in preparation for Earth Hour, during Earth Hour, and beyond:
  • Make a power-outage list. It seems the only time I ever truly realize how much I use electricity is when I lose it! To sit down and really think about what can and can't be used in the event of a power-outage will give me a good place to start to think about what changes I can make.
  • Assess the list. Are there anythings I can be doing differently? Do I have things plugged in 24/7, that I only use once in a while ("wall warts")? Am I making the best use of the natural light in my home?
  • Pull out the candles and matches. Put them all in one place. Growing up we always had one spot for all of these things (the power in this neighborhood used to go out like crazy in the summer), now, I am not really sure where they are!
  • Play more board games. My husband and I love to do this, but always forget because we have all of "our shows" to watch - isn't that sad? Well, enough is enough!
  • Get the leashes and flashlights out - let's take the dogs on a nighttime adventure! They would seriously love this and who knows if we will run into a opossum!
  • Get a blanket (and, in this weather, unfortunately, I would still need a coat!) and drive down to the beach/park/ferry. We have an amazing view of the Verrazano Bridge from our beach and the night sky is so clear down there as well. In fact, there are a number of fantastic places to go on this island to go check out some amazing views. The view of Manhattan from the ferry is unbelievable.
  • Convince my husband to read aloud to me by candlelight.  I think he might do this, and it is so much fun!!
  • Check out the Earth Hour website for more ideas! I noticed that the official site has a link to find your local Earth Hour website, so that seems pretty cool!
Questions for you:
Did YOU get out to one of the rallies today? If so, how WAS IT?
What are your feelings about genetically modified foods? Do you think they should be labeled?
What are your plans for Earth Hour?
What is the one thing you would miss most if you had to live without electricity?

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