Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Perennial Plate

Image captured from http://perennialplate.com
I am late to everything. Seriously, I should list it as one of my chronic conditions. My best friend knows this, my brother, well, he shares this problem, and my husband and I are a disaster together when punctuality is in order. At work I take the latest schedule possible and then beg for a free period as my first class, at play, I swear friends and family are starting to give me separate times to be somewhere just because of this issue, and for grad school, I had my interview, on the phone, the day before classes began and was told to bring my application with me to class - OK??!! That's me. I'm "that guy". So it came as no surprise to me that when I discovered The Perennial Plate, a year long sustainable food documentary series, during its 48th week! Nonetheless, I have found it, I have started watching from the beginning, and I LOVE IT!!

Daniel Klein is a chef and activist from Michigan who created this documentary to show a year of "socially responsible and adventurous eating." I have only just begun my adventure with Chef Klein, but I can tell you, what I have seen (the equivalent of nearly two months worth of documentaries) has been thought-provoking, engaging, inspiring and fun. I only wish I knew of this before Thanksgiving, so that I could have my whole family sit and watch Episode 1: Turkey together in order to have a full appreciation of the meal we consumed.

What I think is so wonderful about this entire series is that it is not preachy, it is simply real. The sincerity in this project is evident throughout and the "good food", the "right thing to do" simply seems to sell itself. This documentary is simply a chef exploring his world so he can eat in a way that makes the best sense to him. On his journey he finds others who are doing the same, living the same way, and they learn from each other. If you want to join them on this adventure, GREAT, if not, well that's not going to stop them... soon enough you will see.

I think it is high time I show you the trailer for this fabulous documentary, so you can get set to go on the journey as well. Without any further ado, I give you, The Perennial Plate:

Perennial Plate Trailer HD from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.'

You can either watch all of The Perennial Plate through Daniel Klein's Vimeo page or through The Perennial Plate website. On the website there are  recipes, however, if you are a regular Vimeo user, it might be easier to subscribe to Daniel Klein's videos.

Start your journey now, even as the project is coming to a close - it is not too late, I doubt it ever will be - it is a perennial plate, after all. Watch them with those you eat with and then share them with others. Then come on back here and let us know what you think!


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