Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank You Thursday: Getting Into the Holiday Spirit with Blog Shout Outs

This post is a little off my typical topics, but I did a lot of blog hopping last night and this morning and wanted to spread the love to the bloggers that made me smile today, taught me something new, or, as evidenced by this post alone, have gotten me into the holiday spirit of giving!

On Topic: Things That Will Affect This Blog

Off Topic: Things That Will Affect This Blogger (so why not spread the joy?)

First, some holiday cheer...
Then comes TRUE holiday spirit...
  • From the Do Good blog, which I am sure to be visiting quite frequently, Meg wrote a FANTASTIC post about some really great online holiday shopping options. The post is called "Give Twice As Much This Christmas" and its message sings to my soul. Each option for shopping is paired with some charitable cause so that every purchase you make does more than just provide material gain for you and those you love - it also helps someone in need. What a beautiful stocking stuffer!

It was a fruitful and serendipitous night/morning of web surfing. In addition to all this fun stuff, I also found out that Ellen DeGeneres is considering helping out to raise awareness about Intracranial Hypertension (the silly disease that currently has me home on unpaid medical leave) on her show. It is a rare disease that needs recognition more than anything and I couldn't think of a better venue than the show of my favorite comedienne of ALL time! So a shout out of, Thanks!" to everyone at The Ellen Show, too for hearing us.

As for everyone else out there. Thanks for coming. Thanks for reading my post today. I hope you are having a fantastic holiday season so far and that there are more fantastic days to come! I hope to see you around here again soon, but for now - happy reading, happy eating and have a fabulous tomorrow!

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