Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Unintentional Blog-Vacation

The holidays came! I thought I would easily blog my way through them, but I was very, very wrong! There was just way too much going on!
Grown-ups playing with puppets.

Dogs destroying 5 minute old Christmas gifts.

Babies loving old buttons MORE than all the shiny new toys under the tree.
Babies wondering why aunts won't just hand over the cracker instead of toying with her just to get a picture!!
A bunch of grown people trying to be Micheal Jackson, thanks to the Wii.
A serious couple's battle for MJ dancing bragging rights.

Cousins practicing their Wii bowling techniques.

"Little" brothers falling asleep in ridiculous positions on an ottoman at 4 in the morning.
And then...
20.5" of snow, plus wind and cold.
It is still out there...
and I was out there with it,
but I am back!

The blog-vacation is over. Next year I will have to prepare better for this time of year!!

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