Monday, December 6, 2010

Gluten Free Pancakes, Anyone?

After reflecting on my meatless Mondays experience and realizing I starting slipping when it came to treating myself right for breakfast and lunch each day, I decided to learn from it. I woke up, got my butt to the kitchen and made myself some ├╝ber-yummy gluten-free pancakes!
Taking time for me is worth the work!
Sure, I have a bunch leftover, but I am going to see how they stand up in the freezer. Maybe I can have pancakes some other morning without breaking my whisk (don't worry, it was aging and cheap... I knew it was going).

Extra special thanks go to:
R.I.P. whisk... I am sure I will still use you until we find a suitable replacement (hopefully with a more comfortable handle!)
Now... what the heck  should I have for lunch?!

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