Sunday, October 31, 2010

World Vegan Month

I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, but I respect the ideals of both eating philosophies. I have not ruled out either one as a possibility, but for now I still consider myself an omnivore (minus the gluten and dairy, of course). However, it has come to my attention that November is World Vegan Month, and tomorrow, November 1st, is World Vegan Day and I think I should do something to celebrate it while also expanding my own palette and search for sustenance.

My Plan

I would like to commit myself (and my husband, by extension) to "Meatless Mondays" for the entirety of the month of November. I believe that this will give us the opportunity to try new foods, new meals and to re-think our diet in small ways that will eventually expand throughout our week of eating. I will approach these Mondays as a vegetarian (mostly just an evo-vegetarian, since "lacto" is out of the question for me anyway). While I may find my way to a vegan diet on some Mondays, at this moment, I feel thoroughly unprepared to take on such a large commitment which begins tomorrow morning.

My Accountability

I started this blog in an effort to keep my thoughts focus about a topic that is very important to me and to hold myself accountable for the steps I have taken in my quest for safe sustenance, that technique shall continue throughout this month. I plan to keep track of my food, my meals and my experiences on this adventure on this blog. This is not a huge commitment  (five Mondays in total) from a numbers standpoint, so I can imagine any issues with "cheating" but if that case does arise, I promise to be truthful about my missteps.

Your Input

If you would like to join me in this adventure, you can feel free to leave a comment on this blog indicating so, or, joining in on the discussion that I will begin tonight on the new Searching for Sustenance Facebook page. Either way, I think we can all agree that many of life's challenges are easier when tackled within support groups. We can trade ideas, recipes or "Monday Meals" to make it through the month and possibly start a brand new tradition in our families (or continue one, if you have already been doing Meatless Mondays!!)

I hope everyone had a really great Halloween weekend and is doing their best to share their candy with as many people as possible. November begins tomorrow and, here in America, ends with one of the most gluttonous holidays we have - why not start the month off with an act your body and your fellow living creatures will be grateful for? Good luck to all those who are joining the journey and any tips from the already converted would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hi! I noticed your blog from one of the discussion threads on networkedblogs. I didn't know that November was World Vegan Month! Your blog post has inspired me to take on Meatless Mondays for all of this month. It will be a challenge for myself because I live in a family that loves meat...well we love other things as well of course. I'll be checking back to your blog for vegan ideas. I've always been interested in exploring a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, but don't quite think I'm ready yet. November will definitely be a fun month to experiment with recipes and try new things like you mentioned. Glad I stumbled upon your blog :) Take care.

  2. Andrea, I am so excited to have you along for the ride. I am about to go plan my first Monday and see if I need to run to the grocery store to pull this off!
    I plan to post any cool recipes, so hopefully there will be something you can use throughout the month.
    Happy eating!!

  3. Hi Andrea and Nicole,

    It is great that you both are doing Meatless Mondays, and I am sure that when the month is over you will both realize that it is so easy to go vegan that you will continue your journey! As a vegan/Animal Rights Activist, I thank you very much! Please check out my blog @


  4. Thanks for the recommendation Michael! I love your blog and I just found my next book to read. I think if I wasn't married to a complete meat-lover, I would already be at least a vegetarian out of simplicity!!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Nicole,

    You're very welcome! The World Peace Diet is an AWESOME read! And I know that you will do great on your journey to veganism! Check out my latest blog post that offers ideas for alternatives to the TURKEY. I live with non-vegans and I notice alot of them enjoy the things I make for them, and some are "considering" trying to cut back and go more veg. Don't give up on your husband, he may just surprise ya! Bottom line.....If it tastes great, they will eat it! Also, feel free to friend me on facebook!


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